Truth is that capitalism works damn well despite all its falls

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hermes belt replica aaa And as you said, many characteristics (IQ, even things like social skills, and being hardworking) are at least partly heritable and therefore, the game would never start by being perfectly fair.Truth is that capitalism works damn well despite all its falls hermes belt replica vs real and that we can still achieve greatness if we strive to make it better rather than attain some sort of utopic meritocracy.What makes you think its limited to these zones?Not only that but Ford is specifically against the foreign buyers tax which is a good way to curb the worst kind of speculation.rapidly converting cities into unlivable places financially.Ford also spits out rhetoric against condo buildings because he knows his base his house dwelling suburbanites. Fighting against density is the worst thing you can do for the financially livability of the city.Ford also prioritizes low property taxes and essentially nothing to encourage the building of density and effective transportation infrastructure. Even as premier e talks about a subway to pickering and not the relief line (which primarily serves the suburbs anyways).These policies drive up the equity in homes while making it impossible for anyone whos not a millionaire to buy into the city.Ford hates downtown elitists because he is a suburban elitist.I don think successful leadership reflects individual politicians (and you have to actualy prove that argument, I don get the same feeling you do when you say that), and I also don have a problem with a poorer person managing to pull themselves up, into a position where they earning a politician salary.I also not interested in the intimation that you can have more empathy with the poor when you no longer poor. hermes belt replica aaa

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