A homeowner discovered someone attempted to use a Target credit

Arriving Milpitas Police Department officers saw the suspect flee down West Capitol Avenue and apprehended him. Moses Ceballos, 21, of Mountain View, was arrested on robbery charges.The stolen merchandise was recovered, police said.The loss prevention agent, a 21 year old woman climber earrings diy jewelry, complained of pain but did not require medical treatment, police said.Mailbox credit card theft under investigationOn June 24, police responded to the report from a homeowner on the 500 block of Oroville Road near Hidden Lake Park regarding the fraudulent use of a credit card.A homeowner discovered someone attempted to use a Target credit card with her name on it, but the transaction was declined.The homeowner believed someone stole the credit card from her mailbox on June 3. However, no suspects are known, police said.

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